Vanden Recycling opens new East of England plastics processing facility


Vanden Recycling has opened a new plastic processing facility in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. This is a key milestone in the company’s UK expansion plans.



Vanden is already well known in the UK for its nationwide collections and recycling of scrap plastics, primarily from manufacturing, distribution and retail industries. Vanden markets these back into the manufacturing sector, both in the UK, Europe and export markets, as a valuable and sustainable material feedstock.


Vanden UK is part of the global Vanden Group which also has offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Finland, Australia and Taiwan.


The new Whittlesey facility means that Vanden now has a centrally located processing capability in the UK with quick access from Peterborough and the A1. The new facility has been equipped with technologically advanced shredding, granulation and baling plant and has a front-end material inspection and preparation area. Combined, these will ensure that the plastics collected are treated to meet the highest standards required by manufacturers worldwide.


The Whittelsey site incorporates three fully soundproofed granulation lines which have a combined throughput of up to 30 tonnes of plastic a day when operating on a single shift. The plant has the flexibility to handle multiple plastic streams such as ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PET, PMMA, PP PS and PVC and to quickly alternate plant set up between different customer requirements.


Early expansion and job creation

Although the site has only just become fully operational, Vanden has already secured land adjacent to the facility to create additional material storage space. This will allow the facility to increase its operations to two shifts per day.


Currently, the site has created 12 jobs, but when fully operational this is likely to increase to 20. Most of the jobs created are well paid and skilled. And because this is a new team, day-to-day work is varied. As material deliveries increase, further employment opportunities will become available.


Commenting on the opening of the new facility, David Wilson, managing director of Vanden Recycling in the UK, said:


“Our parent company Vanden Global sees opportunities in the UK plastic recycling sector, and this investment in this facility marks a vote of confidence in the UK.


“This site was previously a transfer station. Following eight months of significant improvements both internally and externally, it is now ideal for our process. Being located close to Peterborough, the UK’s Environment Capital, and the A1 makes it very accessible in terms of logistics.


“There are many opportunities to expand plastics recycling in the UK, but the volatility of the markets means that doing so requires a high degree of expertise and understanding.


“We have a decade of global plastics recycling and supply experience and took our time to find the right site and the deliver the required services.


“Our intention is to expand this site and increase the quantity and quality of plastics recycled here in the UK.


“Demand for material is high – but only if it meets the right standards.


“Our new facility is part of our planned strategic expansion.”


Material being processed at the facility is focused primarily on post-industrial plastic waste from the vacuum forming, blow moulding, injection moulding, printing, retail and logistics sectors.


For some customers, Vanden will be able to take plastic scrap and process it ready for re-use by the same customer, providing a new way of maximising the value of original feedstocks.


In addition, Vanden has the capacity to effectively process redundant local authority wheelie bins.