Veolia and LC Packaging join forces to reduce flexible packaging waste globally

Roger Beuting, Business Development Director Veolia NL, and Lucas Lammers, CEO LC Packaging, in the production hall of LC Packaging HQ in Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel.

Netherlands-based flexible packaging producer LC Packaging and recycler Veolia have signed a partnership aimed at reducing residual waste streams relating to flexible packaging on a global scale. 

This partnership will aim to create a circular economy loop for flexible packaging, improving recovery and recycling after-use, and decrease the quantity incinerated or landfilled.  


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In addition to packaging solutions for the agricultural sector, LC Packaging distributes over 11 million flexible “big bags” or flexible containers, a large amount of which is produced on its Bangladesh site. 

This year, the manufacturer has opened a second site to meet the growing demand for flexible packaging. 

LC Packaging has said that since China and Vietnam closed its doors to big bag recycling, facilities for recycling this packaging are insufficient to cover global needs.  

From this, the goal of the partnership is to extend this closed loop to many customers, sectors and partners in the flexible packaging supply chain. 

Veolia will be responsible for collecting and recycling the used packaging and transforming it into high quality compounds. 

The two firms have already launched a pilot flexible packaging recycling phase.  

Veolia Netherlands business develop director Roger Beuting said: “With our technical and operational expertise in the upcycling of plastic streams we believe that in combining forces with LC Packaging we can take significant steps. When produced, designed and handled the right way, big bags are a high quality recycling product and thus a sustainable product. Coming up with suitable after-use solutions for this type of packaging is certainly high on the Veolia agenda. LC Packaging and its customers can provide us with both, turning the recycling of big bags into an opportunity.” 

LC Packaging chief executive Lucas Lammers said: “Our goal is to minimise and recuperate the waste associated with our packaging. At our own production location, we already recycle up to 80% of our production waste and with our WorldBag reconditioning service, we are able to recondition certain types of big bags up to six times. With our extensive network in the supply chain, long-term relationships with our production partners and customers and our partnership with Veolia, we see the opportunity to really make a difference.” 

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