Veolia launch new service to 100% dispose of compressed gas cylinders


Veolia has announced that it is launching a new service to provide a complete way of disposing of compressed gas cylinders.  

Supporting the new service, the company has invested in a facility which safely removes and treats the contents of the cylinders to guarantee full compliance with statutory and environmental requirements.  


The solution is also helped by a network of facilities throughout the UK which have the capacity to safely manage gas cylinders and cover all types of cylinder from sources including industry, healthcare and recycling centres.  

Some cylinders contain certain gases that may have an effect on the environment and need particular handling and disposal processes. These processes are covered by Veolia’s new system. 

Technical teams from the company review each cylinder to ensure that the contents can be extracted with the gases either processed or destroyed.  

Veolia chief operating officer Kevin Hurst said: “As a complete recycling and recovery solution this new service represents a significant step forward for the treatment of pressurised gas cylinders. This in turn will help our customers safely deal with unwanted cylinders and meet regulatory and environmental requirements.” 

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