Vietnam extends recycling import licenses for a year

Vietnam paper mill
A paper mill in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has announced that it will extend recycling import licenses until 31 December 2021 for complying businesses.

Those companies that import material and have made no amendments to their facilities, such as changed the location or increased capacity, will not be required to apply for new certification but will have it renewed.


Companies that have made any changes will need to apply and undertake reinspection by Vietnamese authorities before being issued their recycling import licenses.

In a statement, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said: “Enterprises with extended certificates must be responsible and fully satisfy the environmental protection conditions in the import of scrap for use as raw production materials, fully comply with the law on environmental protection on the import and use of imported scrap, and ensure the quantity and normal operation of machinery and equipment for scrap production and recycling and environmental protection works.

“[Enterprises must also ensure] the treated waste must satisfy technical standards on the environment, ensure no environmental pollution and do not affect people’s lives, only import and use scrap imported as raw production materials at the production establishment according to the demand and in accordance with the capacity, production and recycling machinery and equipment, import the correct type and volume of scrap allowed during the extension period.”

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