Vietnamese legislators call for tougher rules on waste imports

Vietnamese legislators
Vietnamese legislators review its draft Environmental Protection Law

Vietnamese legislators have requested that new rules be looked at for recycling imports as part of the draft environmental law that is currently being reviewed.

Members of the Vietnamese Standing Committee of the National Assembly have asked for a tougher regime for waste imports as part of their deliberations.


In a session to assess the draft Law on Environmental Protection (amended), the Vietnamese legislators queried issues within the text of the document.

Chair of the External Relations Committee of the National Assembly Nguyen Van Giau said that recyclable materials were imported via Hai Phong Port without knowing who the owner of the material was.

He said that the rules on this need to be more strict because importing waste that then needs to be disposed of does not contribute to the Vietnamese economy or create jobs.

While head of the Delegates Working Committee Tran Van Tuy noted that some countries were no longer accepting foreign waste for recycling but Vietnam is. He added that the regulations need to be amended to prevent waste being imported into Vietnam as it pollutes and causes health issues.

Comments from the meeting will now be reviewed by the Committee of Science, Technology and Environment plus the Law Committee of the National Assembly to finalise the draft law before submitting it to the National Assembly for approval.

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