Viridor highlights quality of materials in CSR report


Waste management firm Viridor has said that quality is “the most important element” in its recycling operations.

In its recently issued Viridor Corporate Responsibility Report 2011, the company said that all of its materials recycling facilities and its business Viridor Resource Management had met the Recycling Registration Scheme (RRS) quality protocol standard. This is an Environmental Services Association scheme that encourages good practice through certifying sorting plants and tracking and auditing recyclate sent for export.


In the report, Viridor stated: “The most important element in all our recycling operations is quality. This starts with the provision of clear information, education and awareness to business customers and householders regarding materials that can and can’t be recycled, includes the provision of simple and convenient recycling systems (containers and collections) and strict quality control systems – before and after processing – in our materials recycling facilities.

“These measures ensure that the recyclates produced meet the exacting specifications and standards required by commodity markets in the UK and overseas. This in turn helps our customers produce new consumer goods using excellent recycled content, which saves energy, resources and money.

“Our commitment to quality was underlined by the achievement of the RRS quality protocol standard at all of our MRFs that process commingled materials, and at our recyclate trading business, Viridor Resource Management.” 

In his introduction, chief executive Colin Drummond also said that Viridor will continue to set up challenging targets on recycling with a focus on quality of output as well as overall volume.