Vynova launches chemically recycled PVC resins

Vynova Beek Netherlands

PVC resin company Vynova has launched its first PVC resins made from chemically recycled polymers.

Described by the company has the world’s first range of certified circular-attributed PVC resins, the materials are manufactured from mixed plastic wastes.


Using pyrolysis, mixed plastic wastes are turned into an ethylene, which is then used to produce the PVC.

These new resins will be marketed under the new VynoEcoSolutions brand.

Vynova vice president PVC business management Jonathan Stewart said: “With the launch of our new generation of PVC resins, we have reached another milestone in our journey towards circularity.

“By using circular feedstock in the production of PVC, we are enabling our customers to achieve their sustainability goals and helping to address the issue of plastics waste management.”

The circular ethylene is provided by SABIC from its facility in the Netherlands, with the resins produced at Vynova’s sites in Beek in the Netherlands and Mazingarbe in France.

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