Waitrose launch recyclable cardboard grape punnets 

Waitrose launch recyclable cardboard punnets for grapes

Retailer Waitrose has introduced recyclable cardboard grape punnets which will replace the traditional plastic punnets in an aim to reduce plastic from its shelves. 

This new packaging will be used for its organic and 1 sable grapes, with the retailer being the first UK supermarket to sell the fruit in this way. 


The switch to recyclable cardboard will save an initial 12 tonnes of plastic annually, with this number set to increase, and more grapes expected to make the change later this year, said Waitrose. 

Waitrose & Partners head of corporate social responsibility, health and agriculture Tor Harris said: “This packaging first for our Waitrose Duchy Organic and Waitrose 1 Sable grapes highlights our continued efforts to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging wherever we possibly can. The amount of plastic we will remove by switching from plastic punnets to cardboard is significant and we hope to increase this figure further by moving more of our grapes into cardboard punnets later in the year.” 

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