Waitrose to phase out glitter by 2020

Waitrose to phase out glitter by Christmas 2020

Retailer Waitrose has pledged to make its own label cards, wrap, crackers, tags, flowers and plants glitter-free by Christmas 2020 or it will use an environmentally friendly alternative.  

This year, the company has said three quarters of its own label cards, wraps, crackers and tags, along with half of its flowers and plants will have no glitter. 


Waitrose and Partners head of corporate social responsibility, health and agriculture Tor Harris said: “Reducing the impact of plastics on the environment is something our customers care passionately about. While it’s important to eliminate the use of glitter, we’ll find other ways to make sure our products sparkle at Christmas and throughout the year.” 

The retailer has brought forward its target to make all of its own brand packaging widely recyclable, reusable or home compostable from 2025 to 2023, and will also aim to replace 11,000 tonnes of non-recycled plastic within those two years with more sustainable alternatives. 

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