Waitrose to sell own-label compostable coffee pods

Waitrose store
Waitrose store

Retailer Waitrose has announced that it will be the first supermarket to sell its own-label home compostable coffee pods.  

This is part of the retailer’s commitment to ensure all of its own-label packaging will be widely recyclable, reusable or home compostable by 2025. 


The four new Waitrose 1 coffee capsules will be compatible with Nespresso machines, are Fairtrade certified and will be sold in cardboard packaging which is also recyclable. 

Waitrose coffee buyer Polly Astbury said: “Our customers love coffee and worry about the waste pods can create. By being the first supermarket to launch its own home compostable coffee pods we’re really happy to be able to offer a solution. We’re committed to finding environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives and are excited by this next step.” 

The retailer has not said what material the capsules are made out of. Original Nespresso capsules are made out of aluminium and there is a widespread recycling programme for them.  

Waitrose’s own-label compostable coffee capsules will be available for purchase from December 2018.  

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