Waste heat from Tube to be used for London housing


Homes in London’s Islington will be able to access waste heat from the London Underground.

Heat from tunnels and an electrical substation will be connected to Islington Council’s Bunhill Heat and Power network, which already provides heat to 700 homes.


As a result of this project, an extra 500 homes will be able to receive heat from the network.

London Underground generates large amounts of heat and this will be captured from a nearby Northern Line vent and piped into the heat networks.

Islington Council leader Cllr Richard Watts said: “The expanded Bunhill Heat Network will cut energy bills for hundreds more local people. With energy prices going up and up, it’s vital we do what we can to cut bills.

“It’s all part of the Council’s work to help people manage the rising cost of living. Last winter was one of the coldest for decades and record energy prices meant many families on fixed incomes spent it in misery, unsure whether to heat or eat.”

The project has been funded with £2.7 million from Islington Council and £1 million from the European Union along with backing from the Mayor of London, UK Power Networks and Transport for London/London Underground.

UK Power Networks is undertaking a feasibility study exploring the potential of capturing heat from the electricity sub-station involved with the idea of replicating the idea if successful at substations across the capital.