Waste2Tricity and Advanced Sustainable Developments join forces to tackle plastic waste

PET bottle
Powerhouse Energy developer Waste2Tricity (W2T) has signed a binding memorandum of understanding with recyclers Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD).

Powerhouse Energy developer Waste2Tricity (W2T) has signed a binding memorandum of understanding with recyclers Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD), which will see them work together at the Protos site in Cheshire.  

ASD is an innovative recycling firm and is in advanced discussions with Peel Environmental to place its first plant in the UK at Protos.  


The plant will use technology to recycle PET plastic with an aim to work along the entire journey of a plastic bottle.  

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W2T is the exclusive developer in the UK and South East Asia for the Powerhouse PLC Distributed Modular Generation (DMG) system for waste plastic to hydrogen and electricity. 

The technology is able to convert unrecyclable plastic into high-grade hydrogen for use as transport fuel, while also generating power for export.  

This is a ‘first of a kind’ development by W2T for Powerhouse Energy PLC DMG under its exclusive development licence, which will aim to demonstrate to the market that the technology is commercially robust.    

Components in the process are currently in commercial use, with W2T bringing the Power House Energy patented control system to convert all types of dirty, mixed plastic into syngas electricity and road fuel quality hydrogen.  

W2T will be working symbiotically with ASD in a number of ways at Protos, including providing low-cost electricity to ASD’s site.  

The electricity generated by W2T will be sold into a private grid operated by Protos, back to ASD, and therefore commercially beneficial at a significant discount to current power market prices.  

Supply of feedstock to W2T is intended to come from unrecyclable plastic from the ASD PET recycling project at a cost significantly below the current landfill price. There will however be back up supply lines in the event of delays.   

Peel Environmental is bringing like-minded businesses together creating an environment that promotes sustainability which will be demonstrated in W2T and ASD’s partnership.  

W2T deputy chairman Howard White said: “We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with ASD at Protos.  We are excited to bring this first of a kind technology into commercial use.  We hope that this technology will soon be ready for a large scale roll out to eliminate the bulk of excess plastics in the world and particularly those that are ending up in the ocean and instead make hydrogen the go-to fuel for the future from this waste product.” 

ASD chief executive Ahmed Detta said: “We welcome working collaboratively with W2T at the Protos site. Using electricity derived from waste plastic reaffirms ASD’s vision for a circular economy in the region.  And by powering our PET plastics recycling plant through waste plastic we are reducing our carbon footprint.  By being able to provide unrecyclable plastic to W2T to create hydrogen fuel and power we are reimagining the way we recycle in the UK.  Being able to work with W2T supports our aims to bring transparency to the industry and most importantly solve the UK’s problem with single-use plastic.” 

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