Wastecycle opens new £1 million recycling facility


Nottingham-based firm Wastecycle has unveiled its new £1 million recycling plant in Leicester.

Recyclable materials will be sorted and baled at the new facility, with residual waste taken to another of Wastecycle’s plants to become RDF.


It was opened last week by the Lord Mayor of Leicester Abdul Osman.

Development director Mick Ashall said: “This new facility enables us to keep everything nice and dry and we have installed a new baling machine so we can bale up more materials than before.

“What has happened in the past, is that when we had a lot of rain, some materials have degraded so we have had to send them to landfill whereas now we can use them for RDF.”

The new facility will serve a range of customers in Leicestershire including the University of Leicester, Loughborough University, Great Central Railway and a number of major house builders and construction firms.