Wates Residential to eliminate single-use plastic cups from sites


Construction company Wates Residential is eliminating single-use plastic cups for reusable bottles in the hope of saving the company money and sending less waste to landfill. 

The scheme which aims at tackling plastic pollution is underway at the mixed-use Abbey Area redevelopment in Camden where the company is building 141 homes and retail and commercial spaces. 


Previously, the redevelopment used an estimated 120,000 cups annually, which cost just over £1,300. 

Wates has estimated that over 10 years it could save approximately £4,350 per site by switching to these bottles, as well as decreasing landfill by around 5,000kg.  

Reusable bottles have been distributed to the entire workforce who can now use fresh water stations to re-fill their bottle. 

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The company is also hoping that this change will encourage its workers to decrease their use of single-use plastic bottles.  

Wates document controller Denise Southard said that after watching Blue Planet II and seeing the impacts plastic had on marine life, that she was “inspired to encourage others to reduce their plastic waste”. 

She added: “Wates Residential has been extremely supportive in this and I am proud to work for a company that has embraced my idea so whole-heartedly. 

“I can’t believe how easy it was to implement a simple swap from disposable cups to reusable bottles and hope other businesses are encouraged to do the same.” 

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