Weir Waste selects new sorting technology for new commercial and industrial waste materials recycling facility


A new materials recycling facility (MRF) for commercial and industrial waste will contain eight TITECH autosort 4 machines to sort its material.

The MRF is being built by Weir Waste Services at its Trinity Street depot in Oldbury, West Midlands. It will maximise the recovery of recyclables from waste as well as feeding into the existing Trinity Street refuse derived fuel (RDF) plant.


Part financed by the European Regional Development Fund, which is managed by WRAP, the facility is a turnkey installation by Blue Group.

The TITECH autosort 4 is the first near-infrared scanning system not to require an external light source, instead using two internal energy sources which illuminate the scanner via a rotating mirror, providing more accurate and consistent sorting over the width of the belt and over time.

Weir Waste Services managing director Daniel Weir said: “TITECH’s involvement in this project from the outset has given us a clear vision of what the facility will be able to deliver. Over an 18-month period we worked with TITECH at its testing facility in Germany to run through and test each sorting stage of the proposed MRF.

“We were able to test with our own waste streams to help identify the capability of the sorting technology and the volume and type of recoverable fractions we could expect. With this facility being one of the first of its kind, we weren’t able to visit operational sites, so the testing process gave us the confidence that the initial capital investment would be well spent.”