Welsh Government pleased with recycling on the go success


A scheme funded by the Welsh Government to promote recycling outside of the home has seen over 1,500 bins placed across Wales.

Funding of £497,000 was provided via WRAP Cymru to a range of community and commercial organisations to buy recycling bins and promote recycling when people are out and about in Wales.


Welsh Minister for Natural Resources, Culture and Sport John Griffiths said: “Since the Recycle on the Go fund launched in October 2012, 33 different organisations have placed 1,561 bins across 156 sites in Wales. They have the potential to reach seven million people annually.

“I’m pleased to see that so much waste has been recycled and crucially, diverted from landfill, but this project is primarily focused on culture change. Wales has high recycling rates and people are committed to doing their bit for the environment.

“I want it to be easier for us all to recycle outside of the home. Recycle on the Go is about making recycling the norm beyond our front doors as well as behind them.”