Welsh plan launched to tackle food waste in whole supply chain


The Food Manufacture, Service and Retail Sector Plan has been launched in Wales to reduce food waste across the whole supply chain.

Welsh Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant launched the plan that is aimed at preventing waste, reducing its production and increasing recycling across supply chains.


It advocates a whole food supply chain approach that involves measures to encourage large businesses to collaborate and support their suppliers to adapt and reduce waste and support small- and medium-sized enterprises to innovate.

Carl Sargeant said: “This sector plan is broad, covering food and associated packaging waste and looking at the entire food supply chain after it has left the farm, from manufacturer to consumer. It focuses on the role that food manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, retailers and the service sector can play in reducing and recycling waste – and save money at the same time.

“It’s vital that Welsh businesses can be competitive and resilient in world markets. Ensuring a secure supply of materials, and making the most efficient use of materials is key to this, as well as the potential to make savings and become more efficient.”

As an example, the Welsh Government is highlighting how the Carmarthenshire Cheese Company was able to make savings of over £100,000 over three years due to support from WRAP Cymru funded by the Welsh Government (pictured).

Much of this came from investment in a new cheese-cutting machine and measures around packaging waste that saved on off-cuts and plastic packaging.