Welsh recycling hits 60%


The recycling rate in Wales has reached 60%, exceeding its 58% statutory target.

In 2015/16, the reuse, recycling and composting rate across Wale’s 22 local authorities was 60%, an increase of 4% on last year and 30% compared to nine years ago.


Welsh Environment Secretary Lesley Griffiths said: “Wales leads the way in the UK when it comes to recycling, with these latest figures confirming we are exceeding the ambitious 58% target. This is encouraging as it also suggests we are well on track to meet our 70% target by 2025.

“This achievement is thanks to local authorities and householders’ commitment to recycling, together we can continue to make improvements. I’d like to see Wales become Europe’s best recycling nation and when looking at how far we have come since 2006 I believe this is something we can and will achieve.”

Out of 22 local authorities in Wales, 19 exceeded the current 58% target, but the Environment Secretary will now be writing to the three that didn’t to ask them to explain their reasons.