Wet wipes to be banned in the UK

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Household wet wipes are to be banned in the UK within the next 25 years as part of Michael Gove’s actions on plastic pollution, according to The Independent.  

If they are eliminated, shoppers will no longer be able to purchase the wipes, which are mostly made up of polyester and contain millions of microfibres.  


Most of these wipes are flushed and end up clogging main sewers and going on to harm marine life.  

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A spokeswoman for DEFRA said: “As part of our 25-year environment plan, we have pledged to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste, and that includes single-use products like wet wipes. 

“We are continuing to work with manufacturers and retailers of wet wipes to make sure labelling on packaging is clear and people know how to dispose of them properly – and we support the industry’s efforts to make their customers aware of this important issue.” 

According to The Independent, Environment Secretary Michael Gove is clamping down on this issue due to the impacts wet wipes have on the shape of river beds. 

Organisation Thames21 found more than 5,000 wipes alongside the Thames. 

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