Whittard of Chelsea move to 100% cardboard for online delivery

Whittard of Chelsea
Whittard of Chelsea have designed 100% cardboard online packaging that has enabled the company to remove plastic air pillows

Tea, coffee and cocoa retailer Whittard of Chelsea has redesigned its online packaging to 100% cardboard and enabling it to remove plastic air pillows.

The cardboard is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and is easily recyclable. The packaging design uses eco-friendly vegetable and water-based inks.


By removing the air pillows, over five tonnes of plastic per year is no longer required.

Whittard of Chelsea ecommerce operations executive Mark Helling said: “At the end of last year, we recognised the need for a web packaging solution that better represents our brand, is 100% sustainable and gives our customers a really exciting unbox experience. The collaboration between our in-house studio, marketing team and Lil Packaging has resulted in a huge leap forward in terms of the customer journey – and it’s kinder to the environment.”

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