Wiltshire Police raid four scrap dealers and make arrests


Ten men have been arrested at four scrap dealers in Wiltshire.

There were two arrests in Swindon, four in Trowbridge and four in Chippenham. Offences included theft, handling stolen goods and burglary.


Items seized included a large quantity of BT cabling, some SSE cabling, six computers, 20 large Wessex Water valves, drain covers, beer barrels and almost £11,000 cash.

In total four sites in Melksham, Trowbridge, Swindon and Christian Malford (near Chippenham) were visited by Wiltshire Police.

The police were working in partnership with Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council, the Environment Agency, BT, British Transport Police, Wessex Water, VOSA and Smartwater during the operation.

Wiltshire Police acting chief inspector Pete Chamberlain said: “We are pleased with how the operation went and the way in which so many organisations came together to help tackle this crime.

“The value of metal has increased significantly in recent years. This has gone hand in hand with an increase of metal theft and other associated crimes both nationally and right here in Wiltshire.

“We must now carry forward the momentum from this operation and continue to work closely with our partners to ensure we use the full range of resources at our disposal to help tackle this type of crime. This is not a one off.”