Work begins on demolishing part of Lawrence Recycling to put out fire


Two recycling bays are to be demolished at Lawrence Recycling in order to put out a fire that began in mid-June.

Unburned waste is already being removed from the main building at the site and taken to landfill in order to create space that will allow the still burning waste to be moved to the northern part of its site.


This will allow Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service to douse the burning material to put out the fire.

In order for this to happen, two recycling bays need to be demolished. 

It is understood that most of the waste that is still burning is refuse derived fuel.

Wyre Forest District Council chief executive Ian Miller said: “The agencies have listened to local residents’ concerns. We have continuously reviewed the situation regarding putting out the fire, while protecting public health and the environment.

“The recent hot weather, changes to water levels and temperatures resulted in different conditions for the agencies to consider. Coupled with the information that the fire was likely to burn for longer than first estimated, we have taken decisive action to bring it to an end more quickly.”

Wyre Forest District Council, Worcestershire County Council, the Environment Agency and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service are covering the estimated £250,000 cost of the extinguishing of the blaze as the company is unable to afford this at present. However, they hope to recover the public sector’s costs eventually.