Work begins on second phase of project to bring about more consistent recycling collection


WRAP has said that work has begun on the second phase of a project that aims to create greater consistency for household waste and recycling collections in England.

In the first phase, different scenarios, models and approaches to consistency were considered along with areas for further investigation. These will now be taken forward by the advisory group and form the second phase that aims to publish a guide to greater consistency in recycling in England in summer.


The project brought together representatives from local authorities, waste management contractors, recyclers, producers and the retail sector, and worked closely with WRAP and Resources Minister Rory Stewart.

According to WRAP, this is the first time an attempt has been made that considers the entire journey our products and packaging take.

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WRAP director Marcus Gover (pictured) said: “We are looking to develop a vision for England that will offer local authorities a way to recycle greater volumes of higher quality materials while reducing costs, delivering good services to residents and supporting growth in the recycling sector.

“It won’t be a one size fits all solution and we want to work with local authorities, to demonstrate the business case for change.

“This is not just about what local authorities do though, all parts of the value chain have a role to play in achieving greater consistency and improving recycling.”