WRAP encouraging people to recycle paper and card at Christmas


With more than 300,000 tonnes of card packaging used at Christmas, WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign is launching its campaign to get more paper and card recycled.

For the next three months, the Paper and card, too valuable to discard campaign will show iconic UK landmarks covered in paper and card to demonstrate how they could be recycled.


For example, Big Ben could be covered 260,000 times by the amount of extra card packaging used at Christmas alone.

While around 400,000 tonnes of paper and card packaging was not collected from UK households in 2014.

So for the next three months, WRAP will encourage more recycling of paper and card using its campaign that has been produced in association with CPI, DS Smith and Ace UK.

WRAP director Marcus Gover said: “Given the amount of paper and card we produce over the Christmas period, this is an ideal time to remind everyone what they can recycle. Almost all councils accept paper packaging and card for recycling, so national messages from Recycle Now, together with the local campaigns our many partners will be running, will ignite a change in behaviour and contribute to residents recycling as much paper and card as they can.”