WRAP make 25 people redundant due to financial cuts

Marcus Gover, CEO of WRAP

WRAP chief executive Marcus Gover has announced that the organisation will be making around 25 people redundant due to a decrease in Government funding, and a need to cut fixed costs. 

According to WRAP, these changes will allow it to drive sustainable production and consumption in the UK and globally, while remaining financially stable. 


The chief executive said that the pressure on public spending and economic uncertainty has been felt throughout the organisation, with the result of having to make significant cost savings.  

He said: “Sadly, we cannot achieve the scale of savings we need without losing staff. This has been a difficult decision and is always a last resort. I am determined that the process of redundancy will be as fair and as compassionate as possible.”  

While the changes will allow WRAP to transition to an organisation that brings change through partnership, Marcus Gover added that increased support in finance from existing and future business partners is needed.

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