WRAP sets out its five-year resource revolution plan


A new five-year plan has been unveiled by WRAP that aims to create a revolution in the way that resources are used.

Resource Revolution: Creating the Future, sets out how WRAP will work with businesses, governments and consumers to create the step change needed to meet the demands of future generations.


WRAP’s plan challenges the business as usual approach, and sets out a new set of three ‘R’s’ for the future.

These are:

  • Reinventing how we design, produce and sell products
  • Rethinking how we use and consume products
  • Redefining what is possible through reuse and recycling.


WRAP will be working in the three priority areas where it can make the most impact. These are: food and drink, clothing and textiles, and electricals and electronics.

Together these three sectors represent 25% of the UK’s carbon footprint, 80% of the UK’s water footprint and 40% of UK household waste.

WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin (pictured) said: “We have a clear five year plan, of where and why we need to take action to create a sustainable future. There is still much to do.

“WRAP will continue to operate in the way it always has – starting from the evidence and then working in collaboration, at the interface between business, governments and consumers to help facilitate and catalyse the change we require to bring about the resource revolution.”