WRAP to help TV recycling with mercury warning logo


DIGITALEUROPE and WRAP have launched two new logos for use by producers of TVs and computer monitors to help identify screens containing mercury.

The aim of this is to help recover valuable materials by separating screens that do and don’t contain the hazardous metal.


Mercury is used in backlit screens containing cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) and as part of an ongoing revision of EU Ecodesign regulation for televisions, DIGITALEUROPE has proposed a complete phase out of mercury containing back light for televisions.

These screens are gradually being replaced by safer technologies, but CCFL screens will continue to be disposed of by consumers for at least another decade.

Manufacturers are being offered the choice of two logos. One identifies screens containing mercury, and the other shows if a TV or monitor is free of mercury.

WRAP project manager for products and materials Lucy Cooper said: “There are additional economic benefits – separating screens containing mercury will allow for easier extraction of valuable elements in mercury-free screens, and it may also reduce treatment costs, because only those screens containing CCFL backlights will need to be transported and treated as hazardous. Currently, all TVs and monitors are considered hazardous because they may contain mercury.”

It is hoped that a new automated process can be delivered to recycle screens that do not contain mercury.

The logo is freely available to producers at: http://www.digitaleurope.org/Services/MecuryFreelogo.aspx