XSD to make pulp in Malaysia from imported fibre to send to China


A proposed pulp mill in Malaysia owned by XSD will produce 600 tonnes per day of material that will be sent to China to be turned into finished products there.

XSD Bentong Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Xinshengda Holding Group which owns a number of mill groups in China that it acquired. The annual production of the group is 1.3 million tonnes.


Currently, XSD owns a tissue mill on the site about 50km north of Kuala Lumpur, and it will renovate this to turn it into a recycled fibre pulp board mill.

The mill will import OCC and sorted residential paper and news (SRPN) primarily from United States and Canada as raw materials. All products will be sent back to China.

Of this, 70% will be OCC and 30% SRPN.

In the Environmental Impact Assessment document, it mentions that International Forest Products and Cycle Link (USA) will be sources of the imported material, although these are given as examples.

There will be two paper machines installed at the mill, and it is hoped it will be operational in about 18 months.

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