‘Yuck’ could be a thing of the past when you open the fridge to waste food


If you don’t eat all of your food and let it go off, then a new technology might be able to help you.

Plastic bags have been developed that use technology to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing and allowing food to last longer.


Pharmaceutical company Janssen and plastics manufacturer Symphony Environmental has spent two years developing the technology and they are now in discussions with food manufacturers and supermarkets to use the bags on their products.

Symphony Environmental director Michael Stephen told the Telegraph newspaper: “We have come up with a way of making plastic that is antimicrobial and can be used in food wrapping.

“We’ve done a lot of tests on food packaging and it has been shown to reduce the mould that grows on both bread and cheese.”

The packaging can control bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella and listeria. It can also prevent the growth of a range of fungi.

However, the technology could also be used to stop clothes and trainers from smelling as well as on handles and rails that come into regular human contact.