Zero Waste Scotland launch new circular economy website

ZWS chief executive Iain Gulland

A new website by Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) has launched that will outline ways the country’s businesses can maximise opportunities in the circular economy and respond to the climate emergency.  

The Circular Economy Accelerator will support the further development and introduction of circular economy business models across the country, providing an opportunity to open new income streams, reduce money spent on materials, and decrease the impact of businesses on the world. 


This new website will provide tools that include advice manuals and access to support and funding, providing organisations with everything they require to identify where they can take a circular approach.  

A report produced by ZWS found that adopting circular economy principles could help the Scottish economy by up to £3 billion. 

ZWS chief executive Iain Gulland said: “As the growing climate emergency forces us all to reconsider our approaches to everyday living, Zero Waste Scotland has worked quickly to develop a hub that presents great opportunities and support for businesses to change the mindset on how they operate. This can reduce costs and generate new income streams, while attempting to address what is a global problem.  

“There are a wide number of ways this can be achieved, such as creating new products from previously wasted materials or moving to leasing models where manufacturers can take back and refurbish existing products. Innovative methods can also design out waste from manufacturing processes. This is a way of operating that is going to grow in the years ahead and Scotland has the opportunity to be a leader on the international stage.” 

Firms that are already making a success of the circular approach to business include Elite Contract Furniture and EGG Lighting.  

Elite Contract Furniture provide a tailored furnishing service and is examining the design of its mattresses and the ways they can be recycled, as well as looking at building in an end-of-life use for its furniture that would prevent it from going to landfill. 

EGG Lighting produce sensor-led intelligent lighting solutions and provide a circular design model where customers pay EGG for a smart, energy-saving light service. When a light needs to be repaired, instead of disposing it with the entire unit, EGG restocks the required part, and then takes the broken items away for repair.   

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