Zero Waste Scotland says deposit return scheme will increase recycling


Zero Waste Scotland has backed plans by the Scottish Government to introduce a deposit return scheme on drink containers. 

The Minister of Scotland asked Zero Waste Scotland yesterday to design a deposit return system for the country.   


Zero Waste Scotland chief executive Iain Gulland said: Zero Waste Scotland welcomes today’s announcement that Scottish Ministers intend to introduce a deposit return system for single use drinks containers.” 

He suggests that a bottle and can deposit scheme can replicate the success of the 5p bag charge that was introduced in October 2014. 

By designing a deposit return scheme, Gulland believes that it will not only follow the success of the bag charge butwill help reduce litter as well as increase recycling.” 

Gulland added:Zero Waste Scotland looks forward to continuing with this work, engaging with stakeholders and building evidence to design the most effective deposit return system for Scotland, which will provide opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and create jobs through high-quality recycling.”