Zero Waste Scotland to fund 1,000 volunteers to drive circular economy


Organisations in Scotland are being offered funding by Zero Waste Scotland to recruit up to 1,000 volunteers to promote the circular economy.

The funding will be used to help organisations coordinate volunteers in their area to help reduce food waste, boost recycling rates and promote reuse, repairing and sharing.


Volunteers would be required to engage with members of the public on activities including zero waste cookery demonstrations, repair or upcycling of items, and organising swap-shops.

Organisations including community groups, environmental networks, student organisations, local authorities and third sector organisations can apply.

Zero Waste Scotland chief executive Iain Gulland (pictured) said: “We know people all over Scotland care about the environment and that hundreds are willing to give their time freely to help spread the zero waste message. This army of volunteers can have a huge impact, reducing food waste, which can save the average family hundreds of pounds a year, to passing on and learning skills that mean people can repair and reuse more everyday items.

“We want to build on the success of our existing volunteers and get even more behind this grass-roots initiative, so we’re calling on organisations all over Scotland to bid in now to help us with our mission.”