About us

We provide essential market intelligence for UK recycling and waste management organisations. This is delivered through our subscription Recycling Market Intelligence service, our free to access recycling news service and a programme of events.  

Our aim is to make your life easier by providing all the essential UK recycling market intelligence information in one place and putting it into context. This will help you make better informed decisions when trading recycled materials and delivering recycling and waste management contracts. 

Our service is used by all the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies. 

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Intelligence service 

Our recycled material prices are published every Friday and are based on rigorous independent research.

Our UK recycling data covers the following material prices: 
    • UK plastic bottles – Mixed A, Mixed B, PET, HDPE Natural 95/5 
    • UK HDPE – regrind, Wheelie Bins, HIPS, EPS, PP 
    • UK LDPE film – 99/1, 98/2, 95/5, 90/10, Jazz film 
    • UK pots, tubs and trays – mixed carrier bags, mixed hard plastics, mixed plastic trays 
    • UK OCC, ONP, mixed paper 
    • UK soft mixed, OIN, SOW 
    • UK multi grade, WHL, BW2 
    • UK copper – copper, dry bright wire, new tube, braziery, clean pyro 
    • UK brass – brass (honey), mixed brass, rod swarf, brass/copper rads 
    • UK aluminium alloys – taint/tabor, alum bronze solids, low grade cable, household cable 
    • UK aluminium – clean HE9, clean alu wheels, cast alu, old rolled alu 
    • UK stainless steel zinc, lead – 18/8, 316, zinc, lead, lead batteries  
    • UK ferrous – HMS1, light iron, O/S shearing, O/S construction, mixed iron 
    • UK engines, cans, plugs – ELOV, steel UBCs, aluminium UBCs, plugs and chargers 
    • UK glass – clear, amber, green, mixed 
    • PRNs – paper, plastic, glass remelt, glass other, wood, steel, aluminium, recovery 
    • UK gate fees – RDF, landfill tax, landfill gate fee, energy from waste, anaerobic digestion, MRF 
    • China – plastics, paper, metals (various grades) 
  • US – plastics, paper, metals (various grades)   
Historical recycled material prices and insights

Subscribers have access to both current and historical UK recycling data for each material, with weekly price movements detailed back to 2013.  

We also provide weekly secondary commodities market analysis, assessing material trends and putting price movements and forecasts into a wider, global context. We assess why markets are changing, flag emerging market influencers and provide monthly, quarterly and yearly comparisons. 

Our big picture approach covers a wide range of influencing factors including: global impacts, foreign exchange, shipping, manufacturing purchasing managers’ indices, retail data, forecast prices, broader commodities context. 

Global recycling market news service 

We provide a free daily news service covering the leading recycling, waste management and circular economy stories from the UK and worldwide. Our focus for these is primarily economic and market driven. Recycling news stories can be accessed via this website or can be emailed directly to you via our daily recycling news service. 

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Recycling market events  

Our events are open to all, although REB Intelligence subscribers receive discount and advance booking opportunities. We have two main events that run each year: 

  • Secondary Commodities Market (spring) 
  • Resource Summit (autumn) 

More details on our events can be found here. 

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Our team 

REB Market Intelligence is produced by Paul Sanderson.

Paul researches, analyses and compiles the intelligence information. He has been working in this sector for more than a decade. 

Contact Paul: paul.sanderson@therecyclingassociation.com