Parkside launches sustainable solution for flexible packaging 

Image source: Parkside
Image source: Parkside

Parkside, a packaging solutions provider, has unveiled its innovative Recoflex range.  

The line of recyclable, paper-based flexible packaging materials promises to revolutionise the industry by offering durability, barrier performance, and heat sealability across various market applications. 


Recoflex has been developed to address the growing demand for sustainable packaging alternatives. With consumer preferences evolving rapidly and new legislation on the horizon, brands are seeking eco-friendly solutions. Recoflex provides a ready-made replacement for existing plastic and foil laminate structures without compromising pack performance or aesthetic design. 

The range is available as single-ply or laminate papers, catering to diverse specifications. Whether it’s a freezer-proof material, translucent barrier paper for pouches, or high-barrier performance paper for moisture and oxygen-sensitive products, Recoflex adapts to various packaging needs. 

A phased rollout is planned, where two configurations of Recoflex Translucent will be introduced. These translucent barrier papers can be used for pouches, bags, or lidding film in fresh food applications. Additionally, a flow-wrap solution for ambient food and non-food items will launch alongside a high-barrier performance paper compatible with horizontal and vertical form, fill, and seal lines. 

Future Prospects: The second phase, slated for later in 2024, will introduce kraft paper and a metallised solution to the market. 

Parkside emphasises that all Recoflex configurations are designed for full recyclability in kerbside collection schemes, aligning with retailer guidelines and consumer preferences. As the packaging industry faces significant changes, Recoflex offers a solution for brands seeking to reduce their environmental footprint. 

Parkside product development technologist Steve Hallford said: “The packaging industry is set to undergo some significant changes in the near future. Our customers now have ready-made recyclable replacements for their existing plastic and foil laminate structures without needing to compromise on pack performance or aesthetic design.” 

Parkside’s Recoflex joins a growing movement toward sustainable packaging. Companies like Paboco are producing fibre-based bottles, while Upfield transitions from plastic tubs to recyclable, paper-based alternatives. These initiatives reflect a broader commitment to environmental responsibility and circular economy practices. 

As Recoflex gains traction, it reinforces the packaging industry’s collective efforts to create a more sustainable future. With consumer awareness increasing and regulatory pressures mounting, innovative solutions like Recoflex play a crucial role in shaping the industry’s trajectory.