Recycling prices and market commentary: 26 April 2024


Copper and OCC continue to be the star performers in the recycling market at the moment, with both seeing proportionally significant prices rises this week.

But with the Q1 NPWD data now published, other grades suffered as a result of falling PRN/PERN prices.


For example, data for plastics was good and this brought down the PRN/PERN price by £25 per tonne. Other grades including paper, wood and steel all dropped by a little. However, glass remelt and aluminium both increase on weaker data.

Many though doubt the integrity of this data when anecdotally plastics and paper markets in particular were reported to be suffering from low volumes at the time.

The pound gained a cent to reach $1.25 this week, but was unchanged against the euro at €1.16.

Recycled plastics

Underlying prices remain relatively stable, although availability of plastics does seem to have improved for some grades.

There is value to be had from higher grade LDPE films for example.

However, the PRN/PERN price came down by £25 per tonne this week after a good carry-in and positive Q1 data suggested that we were on track for targets. This is despite many feeling that the first quarter of the year was especially challenging.

Other non-packaging grades saw no movement as a result of the static underlying prices.

Recycled paper

OCC breached £120 per tonne for many transactions this week, with some above and some below this threshold.

Demand is being led by Europe, with UK and South East Asian mills following. India isn’t quite a keen at these levels.

Although there are high prices being quoted for OCC, mixed is getting a lot of interest and anywhere in the £70s was typical.

Some are starting to get nervous about these high prices, but others feel there is more to come yet.

Recycled metals

Copper gained £200 per tonne this week, while ferrous grades were also up by £15 per tonne. However, there was no movement for aluminium and brass grades actually dropped by £50 per tonne.

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