Bales of OCC cardboard for recycling

Recycling prices and market commentary: 24 November 2023

There was a little bit of movement in some grades this week, especially where deep sea export was required.
LDPE film

Recycling prices and market commentary: 17 November 2023

Underlying prices were mostly stable this week, but last week's fall in the value of the PRN/PERN hit plastics markets once again.

EU reaches compromise position on proposed ban on waste shipments

The European Union Council and European Parliament have reached a provisional political agreement on shipments of waste. For shipments...
Cardboard OCC

Recycling prices and market commentary: 10 November 2023

Although it was a relatively quiet week for underlying prices, the PRN/PERN bumped up for plastics and to an extent paper grades.

Aluminium can recycling and production industry says it is against digital deposit return schemes 

Alupro, the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association and the Can Makers Committee have issued a joint statement that said they do not support...
Bales of OCC cardboard for recycling

Recycling prices and market commentary: 3 November 2023

After the big prices drops experienced by some grades last week, this week saw more stability and even some small rebound.

Podback coffee pod recycling reaches one million households 

More than one million UK households are benefitting from the Podback coffee pod recycling scheme from their household collection service. 
Mixed plastics

Recycling prices and market commentary: 27 October 2023

The plastic and paper markets received a shock this week as falling prices hit businesses hard. For the former,...

Essity turning food and beverage cartons into tissue products in France

Hygiene and health company Essity has inaugurated the first line in the world where used food and drink cartons are turned into...

Defra outlines Simpler Recycling and how every household and business will have same materials...

Defra has outlined some of the detail of its Simpler Recycling programme as well as a crackdown on illegal waste operators.
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