Reborn opens first French PE film de-inking line


French recycling group Reborn has launched its first PE film de-inking line at its Ogeu-les-Bains site in France.

It has invested €3 million (£2.5 million) in the equipment for the line, which it calls B.Clear.


The technology allows it to remove the ink in the film so it can be recycled into transparent films.

It will be able to recycle 4,000 tonnes per year at the facility, in a market estimated to total 100,000 tonnes per year in Europe. Reborn’s customers include Coca-Cola, Lactalis, Unilever and Bonduelle.

This is the third installation of this type of facility in Europe.

Reborn Group president Arthur Lepage said: “The Reborn Group did not recycle printed plastic films, because our customers, mainly from the food industry and hygiene, wanted above all transparent products.

“The deposit of printed films being very important, we saw an opportunity.

“We talk a lot about plastic bottles in PET and recycling needs, but we greatly underestimate the almost identical source of polyethylene films, which represents 30% of the plastic market.

“This is where Reborn comes in. We want to build momentum on a huge segment of the market just waiting to be upcycled.”

A second installation is planned for next year either at this same site, or another of its facilities in France.

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