Recycling prices and market commentary: 8 September 2023


September is a month when people expect markets to take off after the quieter summer period.

Although historically, it can always take a couple of weeks or more for markets to return to normal, there is a sense this year that trading could continue to be quiet for a little longer.


Appetite to buy is still poor across many materials, while sellers don’t have a lot to trade anyway. The result is a kind of stasis with small variations in trading and pricing on a weekly basis.

Plastics showed some variety with HDPE prices dropping, but a small uplift for LDPE film.

However, there is also a realisation that recycling markets have been through this before and will recover.

The pound was trading at $1.25 against the dollar down from $1.27 a week ago. It also fell a touch compared to the euro to €1.16 from €1.17 last week.

Recycled plastics

With one UK buyer pulling out of the market this week due to technical difficulties, overall HDPE prices dropped. Those who were buying were offering £200 per tonne less as a result. This may change once the buyer that is out of the market comes back in.

With the PRN/PERN price going up and a little more interest from European buyers that have lowered stocks over the summer, LDPE film gained a little.

However, PET remains in the doldrums and PP was on a downward pattern too.

Recycled paper

It was quite a flat market this week although there was some interest in mixed from UK mills and a bit from India too. However, prices were broadly similar as last week.

OCC didn’t really move as orders were thin on the ground with most trading already done for September and only bits and pieces now being traded where necessary.

European tissue mills have shown a little more interest in multi and SOW but not to the extent it has shaken up the market.

One factor to note was the slide in the value of the PRN/PERN to around £4 with all eyes now looking at next week’s monthly figures to get an indication of where this market might head.

Recycled metals

Brass dropped by £100 per tonne, and ferrous was up by £20 per tonne in an otherwise unchanged market.

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