SABIC launches chemically recycled polycarbonate made from post-consumer mixed plastics

SABIC and Plastic Energy plastic chemical recycling plant

Global chemicals company SABIC has launched a chemically recycled polycarbonate that is manufactured from post-consumer mixed plastics.

According to a lifecycle study by SABIC, the certified circular polycarbonate offers a potential 23% carbon reduction footprint in comparison to virgin material.


SABIC ETP & Market Solution general manager Abdullah S. Al-Otaibi said: “In another significant contribution towards the development of a circular economy for plastics, we are proud to have developed a new solution that can help our customers meet their sustainability targets and generate value by increasing the amount of recycled post-consumer mixed plastic they process.”

Post-consumer mixed plastics, that would typically be destined for incineration or landfill, are put through a pyrolysis process to turn the material into a pyrolysis oil. This is then used to create feedstock for SABIC’s process to turn it into a virgin-equivalent material.

This polycarbonate is part of SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio of circular plastics and is also certified as circular by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification scheme.

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