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Thailand bans plastics and metals imports into Bangkok port and places restrictions on Laem Chabang port

Laem Chabang port

Recycled plastics, electronics waste and metals imports have been banned by Thailand into its Bangkok port with immediate effect.

At the country’s largest port, Laem Chabang, plastic imports have been banned from European, most Pacific countries and some Asian countries, with imports still expected to be permitted from member ASEAN countries.

However, electronic waste and some metals are still permitted into Laem Chabang but with new restrictions.

The new rules also apply to shipments in transit via the ports to another country.

Plastic scrap under the commodity code 3915 can be exported from some Asian countries into Laem Chabang but the following information is required:

  • A valid consignee’s import permit/license
  • Accurate shipper and consignee contact information
  • Commodity name with actual HS code
  • Port of lading and port of departure
  • Volume
  • PO number if possible

A returnable deposit of USD1,500 need to be collected by the loading/discharge port agents and collect a letter of indemnity from the shipper/consignee.

For metals and electronic waste, the requirements are the same, except the deposit is not required.

Any shipper or consignee shipping prohibited, restricted or mis-declared goods to Thailand will be responsible jointly for the costs of returning them to their port of origin or loading.

In 2018, Thailand announced that it was preparing to ban imports of plastic and electronic waste.


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