UKIP would abolish WRAP its manifesto shows


A UKIP government would close down WRAP and abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

In its manifesto, UKIP lists unnecessary quangos that it would close including WRAP, which it says would save £15.5 million per year.


However, with WRAP now a charity as of this year, it is not clear whether this change in status has been recognised by UKIP and the legal implications of this.

The party would also close the Department of Energy and Climate Change in order to make savings, with its responsibilities merged into other departments.

UKIP also plans to repeal the Climate Change Act, which it says is “rooted in EU folly, drives up costs, undermines competitiveness and hits jobs and growth”.

It calls it the most expensive piece of legislation in British history with costs estimated at £18 billion per year.

As part of its policies on local government, UKIP intends to reintroduce weekly bin collections where communities have lost them and want them reinstated.

Local people will be given the final say on major planning decisions, including incinerators under a UKIP administration.

Where renewable energy is competive, which it argues is currently only hydro electric power, UKIP will support it. Otherwise, it intends to remove subsidies for renewable energy (but respecting existing contracts), and will invest in coal power.