Labour manifesto promises 1 million green jobs, but no mention of Office for Resource Management


The Labour Party has published its manifesto in which it says it will create an additional one million green jobs if elected on 7 May.

However, there will be disappointment among those trade associations and organisations that have called for an Office for Resource Management, as there is no mention of one in the manifesto. There also isn’t any mention of the recycling or resource sector. 


Labour wants to make Britain a leader in low carbon technology over the next decade and will support this with ambitious domestic carbon reduction targets, including a legal target to remove the carbon from our electricity supply by 2030 and a major drive for energy efficiency.

It says its “industrial strategy for the green economy will end the current uncertainty for investors, with a timetable for the Green Investment Bank to be given additional powers so that it can invest in green businesses and technology”.

Labour has also said it will develop an ambitious infrastructure programme to help the UK adapt to the effects of climate change.

And on climate change, if elected, Labour will push for an ambitious agreement at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in Paris in December. It will want countries to commit to ensuring global warming does not rise by two degrees by 2020, and then a push for a goal of net zero global emissions in the second half of this century.