Viridor to cut plastic exports and recycle all core plastics in UK

Viridor Phil Piddington and Pennon Sarah Heald
Pennon Group's Sarah Heald and Viridor's Phil Piddington

Plastic exports will be cut by Viridor next year when it has pledged to recycle all core plastics in UK.

HDPE bottles; PET bottles and PP pots, tubs and trays will be recycled at Viridor’s £65 million plastic reprocessing plant in Avonmouth once open in 2020. It will be the largest multi-polymer facility in the UK.


It will create flake and pellet from all these core recyclable materials for sale to manufacturers.

Viridor owner Pennon Group director of corporate affairs and investor relations Sarah Heald said: “The [Government’s] plastics tax and the Resources and Waste Strategy’s focus on issues such as Extended Producer Responsibility, or producer pays, will have a really significant impact because they help to create the right environment for investment in the infrastructure the UK needs and, of course, the demand for recyclable material in the UK.

“It is crucial that UK manufacturers and consumers brands want to use recyclable material in new products, that this is part of their own sustainability targets because that is the circular economy in action and that should be everyone’s ambition.”

The Avonmouth facility will be co-located with a £252 million energy recovery facility.

Viridor also operates plastic recycling and reprocessing facilities at Rochester in Kent and Skelmersdale in Lancashire that will also help it achieve its aim of cutting plastic exports.

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