Dow and SCG to collaborate on Thai plastic recycling solutions

Dow and SCG
Dow and SCG sign agreement on working together on Thai plastic recycling solutions

Recycling solutions are to be developed in Thailand by chemicals giant Dow and SCG, which is a major Thai chemicals company.

An agreement has been signed between the two companies that aims to close the loop for plastics.


It is expected that recycling solutions will be developed in Thailand by the two businesses that will involve mechanical recycling of plastics, plus development of recycled resin, products made from plastic waste and petrochemical feedstocks.

Dow chief executive Jim Fitterling said: “Our industry and society as a whole must do a better job of capturing and reusing plastic by scaling investments in collection, waste management, recycling technologies and new end-markets.

“Dow continues to join forces with partners across the globe to more effectively reuse and recycle plastic waste. Working together with companies like SCG we can create a world where no plastic ends up in the environment.”

SCG president and chief executive Roongrote Rangsiyopash added: “This collaboration not only represents our joint commitment in taking action to solve the problems through technology and making real changes but also provides us with new business opportunity, enhancing sustainability and bringing about practical solutions for recycling and upcycling of plastic waste in Thailand.”

The partners hope to align the collaboration with the Thai Government’s plans to increase plastic recycling by 2027.

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