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Half of CEOs are changing strategic investments for green growth

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 | Author: Paul Sanderson

Image for Half of CEOs are changing strategic investments for green growth

A survey by PWC of global chief executives has found that 54% of them have changed investment in light of green growth opportunities. 

It also found that 74% of them have set recycling targets for their companies, and 89% of them have made energy efficiency improvements. 

Three quarters of the CEOs are changing their business to respond to the threats of climate change, and a third of them say it is helping to grow their business. 

PWC Luxembourg partner and sustainability leader Laurent Rouach said: "80% of CEOs told us what motivates them personally on climate change is their desire to protect the interests of future generations.  

"But look beneath this headline and you see a smaller, emerging group of leading CEOs making the connection with growth, costs, risk and shareholder value.  

"Far more need to be motivated by business as well as moral issues, and make the connection between climate change and financial performance, particularly in the context of an ambitious deal on climate change this year. 
"Today's short term issues, such as energy cost and regulatory concerns, will become tomorrow's longer-term and strategic threats to competitiveness and growth.  

"The implications of a changing climate are a tick list of critical business issues ranging from commodity pricing and energy, to logistics and sourcing, to investment, talent and customer retention." 

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