30% of consumers still confused about what can be recycled


Research from WRAP to promote Recycle Week this week has shown that almost a third of consumers are confused about what they can recycle.

As a result, WRAP has re-launched its Recycle Now campaign to help ease the confusion.


The study also found that while nine out of ten respondents recycle from the kitchen, only half of the 2,000 people surveyed recycle products from the bathroom.

A new suite of communication resources have been launched by WRAP to help consumers recycle goods that often get overlooked such as the inner cardboard from toilet roll, shampoo and shower gel bottles, aerosols and cleaning product bottles.

WRAP director Marcus Gover said: “We’ve developed the new communication resources to launch during Recycle Week. We’re encouraging all of our partners to download and start using them in all of their recycling communications activities.

“They’re designed so that partners can communicate clear recycling messages that truly resonate with consumers and provide specific instructions, which should ultimately help to drive recycling rates further.” 

Recycle Week takes place from 22-28 June.