43 billion Tetra Pak’s recycled in 2013


Tetra Pak has launched its 2013 sustainability report and revealed that 43 billion of its packages were recycled globally last year.

As a result of this, it recycled 4 billion more of its containers than in 2012, and reached a recycling rate of 24.5 per cent.


By 2020, Tetra Pak aims to recycle 40 per cent of its containers.

Last year, the company also launched its Tetra Evero Aseptic 1000 Separable Top that is designed to allow consumers to detach the plastic top from the carton sleeve, allowing them to be recycled separately.

The company also has a target for 100 per cent of its paperboard to be FSC certified with 75 per cent of the product made from wood sources.

Currently, 41 per cent of the wood it sources is FSC certified compared to 38 per cent in 2012.

The company also introduced its bio-based LightCap 30 made from HDPE that is derived from sugar cane. Across the portfolio, 1.1 billion packages with these caps hit the market.

Tetra Pak vice president environment Claes Du Rietz said: “Achieving environmental excellence is part of the company’s strategy towards 2020 because we believe it is crucial for the future of the company and our customers.

“We drive environmental performance in every step of our operation, from sourcing, development of processing and packaging systems, to services and support provided to customers. This is the very reason that we have continued to be successful in meeting ambitious targets.”