651,000 tonnes of Tetra Pak cartons recycled globally in 2014


Tetra Pak has revealed that 651,000 tonnes of its cartons were recycled worldwide in 2014.

This compares to 623,000 in 2013.


However, Tetra Pak has a goal of doubling the recycling rate from 20% in 2010 to 40% by 2020 and this means tripling the volume of recycled cartons when growth is taken into account.

In its latest Sustainability Report, Tetra Pak also noted that it launched the Tetra Rex in Finland in January, which is the first carton made entirely from bio-based materials.

It also revealed that is has been using an electron beam rather than hydrogen peroxide to sterilise packaging materials. This has had the benefit of saving energy, reducing environmental impact and cutting waste.

Tetra Pak president and chief executive Dennis Jönsson said: “Building a sustainable business requires joined-up thinking and concerted action on many different levels.

“It involves broad collaboration, working closely with our customers, our suppliers, governments, NGOs and society as a whole to explore ways in which we can make a lasting and positive difference.

“It requires a commitment to continuous innovation, developing technologies and materials that will drive efficiency, cut waste, lower consumption of finite resources and reduce environmental footprints, while continuing to meet the ever-widening needs of the market.”