Alpla planning recycled-plastic wine bottle


Global packaging specialist Alpla has launched a plastic wine bottle it says could eventually be made solely from recycled material.

The Austrian-headquartered company created a 0.75 litre, 50g PET container for the Wegenstein winery.


Alpla hopes to be making millions of the bottles annually as soon as next year, and is already planning for a version made entirely from recycled plastic.

The product is currently available in 0.75 or 1 litre sizes, transparent or green, and is suitable for all types of wine, according to the company.

The plastic bottle is said to be eight times lighter than a glass equivalent and reduces carbon emissons by more than a third even before recycled material is used.

It works with conventional metal screw caps and is compatible with existing winemaker packaging systems.

Alpla project manager Sebastian Rosenberger said: “The bottle has been perfectly tailored to the bottling and shipment processes. Close cooperation with the Wegenstein team significantly sped up the market launch.”

Herbert Toifl, managing director of the Wegenstein winery, added: “The PET bottle lives up to what it promises. It is visually appealing, ensures our quality and is practical.”