Avery Dennison launches label liner take-back recycling programme

Avery Dennison AD Circular

Label firm Avery Dennison has launched a take-back recycling programme for label liners.

Known as AD Circular, it will recycle used paper and filmic liners in countries across Europe.


It will launch in UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany in the first half of 2021 and then will be followed by other European countries in the second half of the year.

By 2025, Avery Dennison hopes to recycle 75% of the label waste Avery Dennison brings to the European market.

Material collected will be recycled into new packaging materials, but the company wants to facilitate liner-to-liner recycling eventually.

Those who use the programme will register online and then schedule a pick-up of used label liners that will be sent to Avery Dennison’s recycling partners.

Avery Dennison Marketing & Sustainability senior director Burak Sahbaz said: “Companies in Europe consumed 470,000 tonnes of label liners in 2019, yet just over a third were recycled. Landfilling or incinerating that many liners, and using all that material only once, is not environmentally sustainable, and runs contrary to consumer expectations and the spirit of European regulations establishing a circular economy.

“By working in collaboration with recyclers, our peer companies, and the brands that use our materials, we believe AD Circular is a big step forward in reducing and eventually eliminating label waste.”

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